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The Meridian Weekly – November 14, 2021

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Cover Photo: E.E. Knight Elementary Honors Veterans

Submitted by Georgann Coon

In honor of Veterans Day, the lobby showcases of E.E. Knight School in Elsie have been filled with pictures and service information that the students have provided. When the request went home in early October, the response was overwhelming. Photographs of military personnel ranged from those taken in the Korean, Vietnamese, WWII, Iraqi and Afghanistan wars up to present day skirmishes. The display case also contains a purple heart and other medals from the war in Vietnam, a WWI Navy “duck hat” and an Army camouflage shirt.

States Georgann Coon, showcase curator, “When I was framing the photos with their accompanying descriptions, I could feel the love, respect and appreciation shared by all those who contributed acclamations. Especially touching were the ones written by the children themselves in their elementary script. When working in the school’s lobby, the children walking by to their classes made such comments as ‘Cool, ‘America’, ‘That’s my dad!’ ‘Are those real medals?’ In addition, the response from the parents and school visitors has been very positive.” In today’s age of conflict and negativity, one thing is clear: Patriotism endures in the hearts and minds of Elsie parents and their children.