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The Meridian Weekly – July 4, 2021

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‘Welcome Home’ Reunion Committee is Planning Special Weekend for LHS Grads

LAINGSBURG — For over six years now the “Welcome Home” volunteer staff of twenty five have been excited about preparing for another All-Class Laingsburg High School reunion. Are “YOU” planning to attend this gala event? If so, it is time to get your registration form mailed in (deadline is August 9th).

Lots of events are being planned – activities will run from noon to 10 p.m. All the fun is FREE except for the evening dinner program ($25/person). So, saddle up and join the excitement! Time to reunite, shake off the virus concerns and join your classmates.

Our “Welcome Home” contacts include: Tom Turek (810) 241-1007, tomturek@20032003@yahoo.com; Ken Walters (517) 402-7146, kgwalters45@gmail.com; or Frank Mallon (248) 348-5189, foxtrot@mi.rr.com