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Shiawassee Arts Center New Exhibit

Submitted by Piper Brewer

The Shiawassee Arts Center opens an exciting new exhibit featuring the work of artists Kimberly DeVoe & David DeVoe of Grand Blanc, Jennifer Ross of Corunna, Karl Racenis of Owosso and Sheila Murphy of Farwell. The exhibit, which runs May 4 through June 20, is generously sponsored by CLH Insurance Agency. The public is
welcome to attend the ‘Meet the Artists’ event on Sunday, May 9th, from 1 – 3pm. Members receive 20% off one featured item during the event (new members are always welcome).

Kimberly DeVoe is an award winning artist who works mainly in pastels and colored
pencils. Her work is featured in three local galleries and has been published in both art anthologies and instructional books with worldwide circulation. Her animal portraits, either commissioned by pet owners, or chosen because they speak to her in some way, make up the main body of her work.

During his tour of duty in the Navy, David DeVoe realized he would be going to places he might never be able to visit again, so he bought a pretty good camera and taught himself how to use it. During the intervening 50 some years he has never stopped searching for that elusive “perfect” image. His work today is mainly, but not limited to, composite images, products of imagination.

Jennifer Ross is inspired by life, such as family, friends, and emotions. Special moments are treasured and painted as precious memories. Ross believes that life should be honored, so with that thought, her inspirations are executed in a contemporary realistic style with exploratory aspirations. This style helps her convey emotion through color and technique. The strong strokes of color on a larger canvas or thick paper make a wonderfully strong statement/feeling that she hopes to convey to the viewer.

Karl Racenis strives to see the light even on gray days, looking for unique perspectives on his favorite subjects. His best photographs come from serendipitous moments when those converge. He enjoys using well-designed instruments that allow him to focus on the essentials of straight, unmanipulated images. Racenis’ work has appeared on the covers of American Road magazine and Upper Peninsula Beer – A History of Brewing Above the Bridge.

Sheila Murphy is a self-taught hobbyist photographer who started with photography about seven years ago and fell in love. She enjoys capturing moments in time that most people never notice and mostly photograph landscapes, nature, old buildings. Sheila can see beauty in almost anything!

The Shiawassee Arts Center, located at 206 Curwood Castle Drive in Owosso, is open to the public Monday through Friday 10-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm. The Arts Center features the artwork of local and statewide artists in eight galleries including the Frieseke Gallery and a specialty Gift Shop. The public is welcome to schedule an appointment and there is no admission charge. SAC, which is celebrating its 49th anniversary in 2021, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage participation and appreciation of the arts. For more information or to schedule your appointment call the Arts Center at 989.723.8354 or visit