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Lifelike Barn Owl Carving Donated to IQhub

Submitted by Susan Kadlek

St Johns resident Richard “Dick” Woodhams is a 90 year old young man, who began carving after he retired from farming over 20 years ago. He started carving ducks with a friend and then later, his friend encouraged Dick to go to Gwinn, Michigan for carving classes.

From a piece of “Tupelo” wood, Dick set out to carve a Barn Owl in the fall of 2020 and worked on it throughout the winter as his eye sight allowed. With some health issues over the winter, Dick credits his friend for helping him finish the lifelike piece of art. Recently, Dick and his wife Marie, delivered the amazing, lifelike Barn Owl to the IQhub and presented it to AgroLiquid CEO Nick Bancroft. The Barn Owl is on display near the entrance of the IQhub.

Living in Michigan all year long, the beautiful but elusive Barn Owl is easily identified by their beautiful plumage and heart-shaped face. Barn Owls actually nest in many man-made structures including barns, which is where they got their name. Barn Owls, like other owls, are nocturnal and may be spotted a night hunting for small mammals. They are able to track and capture their prey by sound alone better than any other animal ever tested.

AgroLiquid CEO Nick Bancroft stated, “On behalf of the IQhub, we’d like to thank Dick and his friend for this amazing gift that visitors of all ages will enjoy for years to come. Be sure to “look up” for the Barn Owl as you enter the IQhub on your next visit!”

Cover photo: (l) Richard “Dick” Woodhams donates hand carved Owl to Nick Bancroft, CEO AgroLiquid.