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A Few Pricey Words

By Deb Price

BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND: After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the 2021 Carriage Days Festival saw the BEST weather ever, great attendance, awesome entertainment and an overall fun filled weekend.

I know some of you were disappointed with the midway, namely the small number of rides. We were able to procure some inflatables to help fill the space. The carnival, Family Fun Tyme, graciously came to our town to fill in for the company who had been providing our midway for the past three years.  They, like so many businesses have had the struggle of not having enough help. They brought to us what they could man. The foreman, Dalton along with his crew really loved our town and the people in it. They are committed to coming back next year and have promised us a midway that will not only please our committee but kids of all ages.

The Carriage Days committee would like to thank our corporate sponsors, Young Chevrolet and Modern Woodman for their generous donations. To all the businesses who put up the funds for the talented entertainment who performed over the weekend, we thank you. Thank you also to those who made the tractor pull events, chili and BBQ rib contests, prettiest porch contest and car show events so successful. It truly “takes a village” within the community to pull an event like this off.

For me personally, I got my first shiner in my 69 years on this earth. I took a spill on Saturday; head met the payment.  Luckily, embarrassment was the worst injury. Thank You Stephanie Medina for your care and instruction, once again someone from the community stepping up to help.

WE Are Truly Blessed to Live Where we do… See You All Next Year…