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A Few Pricey Words

By Deb Price, Editor

In February 1992, the Meridian Weekly opened its doors. Together, Tom Turek, myself and Yvonne Squires started our adventure of producing a community newspaper in the old Darling Hardware building in downtown Elsie.

My career in the business continued as I transitioned from the Maple River News to the Argus Press in Owosso. I was hired by Publisher George T. Campbell, a man I grew to admire very much. The experience I gained at the daily paper was invaluable. My shoes got scuffed up often at the MRN but my years of experience at the daily paper in Owosso yielded polish for those scuffed up shoes. A part of me still has a connection with the Argus as I print this publication there. The friendships I have made over the years working for the Argus remain today.

Our advertising support, which I am extremely grateful for, has been constant from the beginning, not only locally but from surrounding businesses in Owosso and St Johns. We have demonstrated that strong readership creates a positive result from dollars spent on advertising. Besides monetarily and readership support, I have been blessed with family who always have my back and the best employees, both current and those who have previously contributed to the task of providing this publication each week. We work as a team, this newspaper would not be possible without the concept of each person not only doing their own job but jumping in and helping out others when needed.

Many have asked me, when are you going to retire? The answer is simple, I enjoy what I do and will continue until I am needed for something else. So 30 and out? NOPE!!